20 Ways an Executive Virtual Assistant Can Save You Time and Streamline Your Business

One of the biggest obstacles standing in between you and getting the help you need is not knowing what to delegate first.  Not knowing what support is available to you.  An Executive Virtual Assistant is someone that can support you, help to streamline your business and save you valuable time by providing a multitude of services.  Here is a list of 20 tasks that you can give to your Executive Virtual Assistant to begin with.

1.      Social Media Management

2.      Social Media Business Page and Platform Setup

3.      Project Management

4.      Personal Errands (online purchases, appointments, and reservations)

5.      Online Research

6.      Template Creation

7.      E-Book Creation

8.      Report Creation

9.      Form Creation

10.   Survey Creation

11.   Training Material Creation

12.   Data Mining and Lead Generation

13.   Blog Publishing and Blog Management

14.   Voicemail Checking

15.   Client Invoicing

16.   Basic Bookkeeping (Quickbooks and XERO)

17.   Video and Audio Transcription

18.   Project Management

19.   Project Management and Coordination Between You, Team Members and Clients

20.   Training of Virtual Support Staff

Are You Ready?

Has the list stimulated any thought on where you can begin unloading some of the items off your To Do List?  If so, click the button below to set up a complimentary consultation today.



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