Three Must-Haves for Your Facebook Strategy

Three Must-Haves for Your Facebook Strategy

1. A relevant and branded cover with a Call to Action.  

What would you like your business page visitors to do? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Do you want them to schedule an appointment with you? Get clear on what you want the visitors to your page to do. This will help streamline your activities and posts so that they are aligned with your ultimate goal.


2. A plan to grow your FB Page Likes and visibility.  

Have you invited all of the friends from your personal profile page over to your business Facebook page? If not, please do that now. Also, any time you add a friend, invite them to your business page. Don’t be bashful in sending over an invite. The worst they can do is ignore your request. The other thing I would suggest is posting a link to your business Facebook page anywhere you can logically add it. There will be times in your Facebook groups and groups on other social media platforms when you will have an opportunity to share a link to your business page, take advantage of those opportunities and SHARE IT! Post it where you can, even outside of Facebook. Also, you should “Like” other businesses pages, and engage with businesses/individuals in and outside of your target market. Comment and interact on other business pages and in your Facebook groups. Trust me – it’s worth it and it works! Do unto others as you wold want them to do unto you. All I’m saying is be yourself, connect with those you have a genuine interest in getting to know (as an individual and/or for business).


3.  A plan to build a community of followers or tribe.   

The best way to build a community of followers or a tribe is to provide relevant content and information. You can start off with a survey on your page in the Facebook groups you belong to or run, on your personal page and/or on other social media platforms to find out what your connections want to know, what are their struggles. Keep the questions in line with information you are familiar with and that is aligned with your business products and/or services. Assess the information you receive and GO FOR IT! You can can start off with simply curating information related to topics o interest, then you can begin writing posts of interest, maybe do a podcast, do a Facebook Live Video, do a regular video, just share information. People love information and if you are the one providing the information on a consistent basis, you then become the expert. Also, the best way to develop your craft and become an expert is by teaching and sharing with others.


One last tip: Track the results of all your activity and efforts. Document where you are now and where you are starting, write out where you want to go and write out the steps you plan to take to get there.


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