6 Elements of an Effective Business Process

Whether you’re creating a new business process or revising an old one, you want to make sure the business process is effective.  You want to make sure that the steps in each task are easy for your hires and/or contractors to understand and require minimal supervision.  In this video, I go over the 6 elements of an effective business process. 6 Elements of an Effective Business Process 1.  Short and Sweet:  You want to be detailed but also short and to the point with no more than 10 steps.  If you find there are more than 10 steps, split the task into two tasks. 2.  Use Everyday Language:  Don’t make it more difficult to understand than it has to be by using jargon and technical language.  Use everyday language in an informal and conversational tone so that anyone can understand the instructions. 3.  Share the Vision:  Briefly Explain how the task fits into the big picture of your overall end goal. 4.  Self-Explanatory:  Each individual business process that you give to a hire or contractor should be self-explanatory and should be accomplished with little or no help from others. 5.  Make It Teachable:  Each task should be understandable and teachable. Ideally, once you give the task to one employee or contractor, it should be so clear that the employee or contractor should be able to train someone else how to do complete the task. 6.  Make it Visual:  When it makes sense, use video, screenshots, images and other multimedia to act as a visual to better understand the task at hand. To sum it up, make your business processes as simple, clear and straight to the point as you possibly can.  Try not to be wordy or provide too much unnecessary information but make sure you provide the essential information to get the task completed.


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