….that will save you time, save you Tylenols, and save you from throwing your laptop out the window, so that you can focus on your clients, your family, your bank account, and all the great products and services you want to create!

1. Creation of Lead Magnets and Freebies
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you strategize on the best lead magnet/freebie you should offer; gather and organize your content; and design the downloadable document.

2. Create Landing Pages
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you map out, design and integrate your landing pages for your freebies, webinars and sales offers.

3. Setup Email Campaigns and Automations
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can setup your email autoresponder series, automations, campaigns and newsletters which can include developing and/or collaborating on copy.

4. Run Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter Advertising
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you with the strategy, setup the ad by collaborating with you on the copy and the images, run and monitor your social media advertising campaigns.

5. Launch Management and Implementation
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can help manage and handle the implementation of all the many pieces of your launch.

6. Create and Manage Social Media Platforms
An Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can setup and optimize your social media business pages, as well as create a social media marketing calendar, research and pull content, develop, collaborate and curate content, create memes and graphics, publish content, monitor and analyze your accounts.

The items listed above are a few ways an Online Marketing Virtual Assistant can assist your business. Depending on the specialty of the virtual assistant, the services can range from creating copy to webinar assistance to website design. The key is to know what you need help with and connect with the virtual assistant and support that will work best for your needs and your business.

What are the ways you are currently leveraging the services of a virtual assistant, if any? If you’ve never used one, have you thought about? Do you have reservations about using one? If you have used a virtual assistant in the past, how was your experience?


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