7 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Company’s Facebook Presence

Creating, maintaining and growing a presence on Facebook for your business is mandatory these days. The constant evolution of Facebook’s algorithm can sometimes make growing your company’s presence difficult. As soon as you think you’ve got one thing figured out, it changes. Here are seven things you can do today and every day to help.

  1. Post 1-2 quality page posts. This should include at least one form of media. That can be a picture, a video and/or an infographic.
  2. Review and respond to page interactions. The idea is to engage. You should never just be talking at people and then moving on. Think of it as you would a conversation. If you were having a conversation, would you say something and then walk away before the person you were speaking to had a chance to respond and/or voice their input and opinion? The same standard applies to Facebook. Instead of giving a speech, have a conversation.
  3. Use the Facebook search box. Go into the search box and type in keywords that relate to your business to see what is being said. You may actually find a client. Start today by compiling a list of keywords that relate to your business and/or keywords that someone may use looking for the types of service you provide. You may find your next blog topic. You may have an opportunity to comment. You may find a new connection and/or new information. Start looking at Facebook as a search engine.
  4. Got $10? If so, run a Facebook ad promoting a service, a special offer (paid or free), your page, or even a blog post that brings awareness to your brand and/or services.
  5. Join a Facebook group. If you’re not already a member of a target Facebook group with people that need what you offer, join one today. If you are already a member of one, join another today.
  6. Go into your targeted Facebook groups and LISTEN! You can gain valuable information by going into the groups and just listening.
  7. Go into your targeted Facebook groups and comment on the posts, if you have input that would be helpful. SHARE information of value.

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