Automate, Delegate & Create!

An all-in-one monthly program to supercharge your business efficiency, team productivity, and innovative potential. Perfect for businesses ready to scale, optimize, and innovate.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions: Regular in-depth meetings to review progress, address challenges, and refine the roadmap.
  • Direct Access: Reach out anytime during business hours for on-the-spot guidance, ensuring uninterrupted progress.
  • Continuous Training: Regular workshops and training sessions for you and your team on the latest tools, strategies, and innovations.
  • Process Review: Monthly examination of business operations to identify areas that can be streamlined.

  • Tool Integration: Recommendations for and help with implementing the best automation tools tailored to specific business needs.

  • Performance Analysis: Monthly analytics review to measure the success of the implemented automated processes.

  • Team Assessment: Evaluation of your team’s roles, strengths, and areas of improvement.

  • Delegation Strategy: Monthly sessions focused on maximizing your team’s potential, identifying which tasks to delegate, and whom to delegate to.

  • Recruitment Assistance: Guidance on expanding the team, from crafting job descriptions to the final selection of candidates.

  • Innovation Workshops: Monthly brainstorming sessions for new product/service ideation.
  • Product/Service Blueprint: Roadmap creation for new offerings, from ideation to market launch.
  • Feedback Loops: Regular market feedback sessions for ongoing or newly launched products/services to refine and improve.

Monthly retainer packages start at $2500 per month and are customized based on the needs of your business and budget. 

WordPress & Kartra Monthly Hourly Support Package

Are technical challenges with WordPress or Kartra stealing your focus? Secure your peace of mind with our Monthly Just Tech Support Package. Whether you’re tweaking a website, launching a sales funnel, or setting up an online course, our expert team will be on standby, ensuring you’ve got the tech-side of things under control.

Securing your support is straightforward! Choose your monthly block, make the purchase, and you’re set. When you need us, we’ll be there!

Priority Response: Be at the forefront! We prioritize requests from our monthly package clients.

Dedicated Expert: Engage with a specialist who’s attuned to both WordPress and Kartra.

Transparent Reporting: Stay updated with clear breakdowns of tasks performed.

  • WordPress: From theme and plugin installation to content updates and more.
  • Kartra: Funnel setups, email automations, integrations, and beyond.
  • Assured Availability: By purchasing a block of time, you reserve and guarantee our support for those hours each month.
  • Days and Hours of Operation / Availability:  We are at your service and available via email from Monday through Friday from 10AM EST – 5PM EST.  
  • No Rollovers: Hours are renewed monthly and do not roll over, ensuring you get consistent value.
  • Flexibility: Use your hours as needed throughout the month.
  • Expertise: Depend on a team that truly understands WordPress and Kartra.  
  • Exceptions:  This package does not include strategy sessions, training sessions, extensive telephone calls and/or zoom meetings.  Work Requests should be issued either via email ( or our project management app only.  If strategy sessions, training and/or zoom meetings are required, they will be billed at the rate of $150 per hour.  

Tech Support Packages starting at $300 per month