Should YOU Outsource or Automate?

While much of the work you perform in your business may be specialized and only you can do what you do, you may overlook the fact that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Especially in this high-tech, highly virtual culture where much of what everyone does is online.  There are numerous ways to get things done in your practice and business without having to waste time doing them yourself.  Automating and outsourcing are two options that allow you to whittle down your list of daily things to do. Both will save you time and money.  We’ll explore both options in this blog post. 

Let a Software Program Handle It!

Automation means relegating a certain task to a software program. There are many daily business tasks that can be automated, leaving you free to do other things.

Calendaring Programs

After spending the majority of my life sending emails to counsel and clients trying to determine their availability, I love calendaring automation the most.  Calendly, Acuity, and other appointment scheduling programs allow you to send a link to your calendar to invitees, and allows the invitee to choose the date and time that works best for them from your availability.  Once scheduled, the program will add the appointment to your calendar and to the invitee’s calendar.  It’s quick, easy and painless.  No more endless emails about who is available and when.  There are even calendar programs that accommodate multiple meeting participants.

Email Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Programs

If you had to manage your email list manually, send all messages in real time, and perform your own analysis of the results, it would be overwhelming. There are several email programs on the market that allow you to send out automated emails and setup email workflows that will save you time.

Practice and Project Management Programs

Another example of automation is practice management and project management programs that allow you communicate with your clients, calendar deadlines, create workflows, keep important documents and notices organized, send invoices and a host of other things that can streamline and simplify your entire practice.

Social Media Management and Marketing Programs

Let’s not forget the many social media management and marketing tools that allow you to pre-schedule your social media posts and monitor your engagement.  

Can Someone Else Do It Better or Faster Than You?

Outsourcing means looking for help outside of your company for work-related tasks. This used to be something associated only with big companies, who would outsource things like manufacturing, bookkeeping and data entry.  But with the internet today, which brings the entire world’s workforce to your computer screen, it’s easy for any business no matter how small to outsource.

Nearly any aspect of a business can be outsourced, but the easiest are the mundane daily tasks that drain away your valuable time. You can hire someone to do your data entry, perform routine SEO or social media tasks, organize your inbox, update your website, and many other tasks.

Many companies hire outside for skilled work that they’re not able to do or not able to make time for. You can hire a designer to make your logo, a writer to write your content, or a programmer to create your app.


Which Is Better – Automation or Outsourcing?

Automation and outsourcing both have their uses. If you have a task that can be automated, it’s easier, quicker and simpler than outsourcing. However, there are some tasks that, no matter how easy, require a human being. For these, you need to outsource.

If you’ve never outsourced before, it takes a bit of investment in time and resources to get started. But this investment can pay off considerably by saving you time and can also allow your business to grow.

Need Help With Automation or Outsourcing?  

We can help you decide if automation, outsourcing or a combination of both are best for your business.  We will provide you with the tools to save time and streamline your business so that you can focus on your clients and income-generating activities.  Email us or setup a discovery call to get started.  


Tiffany Michelle Patterson is the Founder of Tiffany Michelle & Co., a business support service that provides consulting and implementation of administrative and marketing solutions to legal counsel, coaches and speakers. Prior to her role at Tiffany Michelle & Co., Tiffany provided administrative support to legal counsel in law firms and corporations over a 19-year span. Being true to her entrepreneurial spirit, Tiffany was also a real estate sales consultant who enjoyed assisting homeowners and home buyers with the sale and purchase of residential property. Because of Tiffany’s background in administration, law and real estate, and her passion for creative writing and the arts, Tiffany has blended a unique set of services to offer her clients.  


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