The Fastest Way to Write More Blog Posts Without Your Brain Exploding… Because You Don’t Even Have Time to Clean Up the Mess!

The first and most straightforward way to create content is to simply start writing.  Write about anything.  Pick a topic and begin writing or for some folks.. Begin typing.  I challenge you to write every day.  Even if its only for five minutes.  I challenge myself to write every day.

As I am giving you this advice, I am also giving this advice to myself.  I love to write and still find it difficult at times but I realize and appreciate that being a business owner and marketing yourself requires the production of content.

You can, of course, hire a content writer to write your blog posts and articles for you.  That is always an option but even the most experienced writer will not know how to connect with your audience, your clients and potential clients the way you would.

You are the one who knows your industry and who knows your market like the back of your hand.  Don’t you?  

You are the one who knows how your clients speak.  You know the agony they go through trying to solve the problem only you have the solution to.  You understand their wants, their needs, their desires and what makes them tick.  Don’t you?  

I’m taking a crazy guess that you possess the information they need and desire.  So why not you be the person that delivers it to them?

Okay, here we go… I’ll get on with the easiest way to create written content.

Set out a specified time during the day to devote to writing.  It can be for whatever timeframe you have available.  If it’s only five minutes, so be it.. Five minutes.  Whatever amount of time you devote, block it off your calendar and commit to it.  Remember this is every day.

As you go along in your normal work day and even on your days off, start to write down the questions your clients are asking.  Write down concerns you hear.  Write down questions you hear other people asking related to your industry and your market.  Take those questions and answer them.  Each question and answer is a blog post.  


Visit and type in keywords related to your industry.  You should find several questions that you can answer there.  These questions can be transformed and used as blog posts.  Take one of the questions and answer it.  The question and answer is your blog post.

A Note About Headlines.  Try to come up with a headline that will captivate your audience related to the question and answer you created.  It can be similar and it can be the same question BUT it would be potent and magnetic and the absolute best, if you could create a headline that makes a statement related to what knowledge and/or benefit the reader will receive if they choose to read your blog post.  Get into your client’s head for a minute and create a headline that will peak their interest.  For example, read my headline… If you’re reading this blog post, it caught your attention because you think writing is too time consuming and takes too much thought so you read this article because I said I could provide you with an alternative solution that would be fast and it would not involve your brain exploding because I know you don’t have time to even clean up the mess.

So with that being said, go create something!

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