The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Procrastination: That May Actually Help, If You Don’t Put Off Reading It!

Over the past month, I’ve done extensive research on procrastination.  Its causes and the Why?  Why do people do it?  Why do I do it?  Why does it occur repeatedly even though the procrastinator, for the most part, always wants to stop and always wants to do better next time.  Is it a psychological dysfunction?

Please don’t take this personally.  

I should mention that I, myself, am a top-notch – bottom of the barrel procrastinator.  I procrastinate to the point that it is sad.  I sometimes lie to myself about how long it takes to accomplish certain tasks.  I totally underestimate how long it takes to get ready in the morning.  How long it takes to get through traffic to get to my destination.  I forget about the reality of Atlanta traffic.  I don’t take into account that the night before I was too tired and too lazy to get gas… Hmmm… Could that also have been procrastination masked and covered up as fatigue?  So… I need extra time now to get gas on the way because instead of filling up when my tank gets half empty, I say to myself “Its half full” and keep going.  Is that optimism?  Hmmm… I think not.  Could this also be procrastination?  It’s highly likely.

I hate the rushed, anxious knot feeling in my stomach that occurs when its 30 minutes away from the time I was supposed to be there and I’m still at home, still getting ready, no where near walking out the door, and I live nowhere (at least not less than 30 minutes) near my destination.

Then the self-bashing comes in.  WHY?  Why did I agree to meet them at this time?  Why did I agree to do this on this day?  

As if any other day or any other time would have yielded different results.

Then here comes the blame… Your job… It’s your job’s fault.. You hate your hours… You hate the fact that you had to work late the day before so now you were so tired that you overslept, and yes.. yes… that is why you’re going to be late!  That is why its so hard for you to get jump started! Right! That’s it! Exactly!


You know you would’ve been late and procrastinated even if you didn’t work late the day before.  You could have gotten off early and you still would be in the same situation.

Case in Point: Mondays?

You didn’t have to work at all on Sunday so… What’s your rationale for procrastinating on Mondays?

Hmmmm… Is it because you were off and had too much time to yourself and now you have to readjust your brain and body to get back into the swing of things?

I’m noticing a pattern with myself and maybe you can be honest with yourself and notice your own patterns.


First thing that comes to mind when looking at the pattern and the thinking is the level and amount of excuses, and excuses for the excuses. I’m just noticing this as I write and I may need some time for that to marinate. You know the saying, “You can lie to me but you can’t lie to yourself.”

How many of you stand firm and believe your own excuses?

Excuses are not facts. Excuses are reasons we have come up with for falling short on our commitments and expectations.

Think about it – do you also procrastinate on things you love to do as well? When the deadline comes up or the time to meet comes up related to that which you love, do you sometimes not love it as much or have some negative thoughts about why this time doesn’t work, blah blah blah? More Excuses!

The Solution?

The first step is admitting that you have a problem. The next step would be self-reflection and making practical changes. The third step would be seeking help. Whatever form of help you reach out for depends on you and your situation. If you procrastinate getting business-related tasks done, you may want to consider delegating tasks, projects and assignments. Delegate as much as you can so that you can focus on the more important aspects of what you do. After you’ve gotten everything that you can off your plate, check out the list I’ve compiled of tips, tricks and solutions to overcome procrastination. Please let me know if any of these tips help and/or share your experience dealing with procrastination.


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