Here’s what client say about working with me.

Virtually meeting her was one of the best things for my business in 2019! I can inbox her and say, "Tiffany can you talk?" and she replies back, "Yes, Latrice." She literally talks me through my "confused" business throughts and makes them clear for me to implement properly! Plus she helps me make money in my sleep. Thank you for all that you do for me and black business women across the world!!! Love ya Tiffany!!
Latrice Goodwine
Financial Coach, Author & Speaker of Girl! What's In Your Purse?
Tiffany has been vital in helping me build my email list, setting up my email server and helping me streamline my website. As I look to grown I am absolutely going to continue you working with her to take my company higher.​
Aisha Nauling
Financial Coach
Tiffany is an amazing person to work with. her knowledge is spot on and her customer service skills are amazing.​
Quisha Williams
Tax Consultant
In little to no time, began streamlining my Facebook group's interactive process. She gave us recommendations that made our everyday online processes simpler. Tiffany also set up an automated directory to include 3,500 women in a matter of minutes. She introduced us to various apps and platforms that simplified complex interactions between a large number of individuals. I was very impressed with the fact that Tiffany provided one on one training to several of our members. I would recommend Tiffany to FB groups, small and large companies who are in need of a Business Systems Coach who is also insightful, tech savvy and creative.
Bernie Dubbs
Business Consultant and Coach
Tiffany has been a valuable addition to the Admin Team for our group. Not only because of her engaging and relatable personality, but her excitement is infectious. Tiffany has contributed a wealth of ideas and knowledge about business systems, processes, and SOPs with our members, that has helped them in their businesses. Her participation has helped us to re-engage our audience and we are on the way to monetizing our network. Thank you so much for your contribution to our growth!
Kina Brown
Marketing Coach and Strategist

So, I know that I have an assignment that I’m supposed to have completed and back to Tiffany but I’m going say that I honestly have not finished it…yet!

BUT; what I MUST say is this: TIFFANY IS THE TRUTH! This BUSINESS OWNER knows her profession and is EXCEPTIONAL at her job!

With ONE call she took me from fear and frustration to education and empowerment! The cost and time were SMALL investments. The value of the content is not measurable.

Secure your time with her; I don’t vouch for just anyone…I vouch for her.

From ONE call I have had hands down THE MOST PRODUCTIVE weekend spent on administrative work in the history of my business and it’s results will create even MORE progress. I’ve ALREADY SEEN IT AND BEGAN MAKING MONEY!

Make contact…DON’T hesitate!

Btw…she knew nothing about this post before hand!

Karena Hadden Calhoun

Karena Hadden Calhoun

Money, Credit and Business Coach

EMMY® AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST DC-based News Correspondent, Speaker, and Coach
Bofta Yimam

1) Why did you chose my service?

I was introduced to Tiffany through a fellow Entrepreneur. I decided to join her email list because I fell in love with one of her sales pages that I saw via her website. Once I started receiving her emails I knew I had to work with her. Tiffany has a way with words! Her writing is captivating and I could tell she absolutely loved working with other business owners. Not only did I realize that she loved what she does but she is so professional and easy to talk to.

2) What was it about my service (or me) that you liked?

I liked that Tiffany is very responsive and she keeps her word. She always kept me up to date on the status of projects and I also liked that she tailored my needs to what I wanted and my personality and not into what she thought I should be. I also like that Tiffany was always on time for our calls. I think time is so important to a business owner and Tiffany understands that.

3) Why you (have you) considered working with me on future projects?

Yes I am counting down the days until I can work with Tiffany again. There is absolutely no other person I want to or will work with.

4) Was there anything about the service I provided (or me) that stands out in your mind?

Yes! Tiffany is very creative and she can take vague undeveloped ideas and turn it into useful copy. There have been times I had no idea what message I want to convey and just by having a short conversation with Tiffany I was able to get clarity on what I wanted to say to my audience.

5) If someone asked you to describe the support received, what would you say?

First class, Unique, Impeccable

6) Do you have any additional feedback?

I would just ask Tiffany to keep doing what she is doing, there are many people who offer similar services as she does but Tiffany’s work comes from the heart.

S. Simon, CPA

S. Simon, CPA


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