5 Powerful Email Automation Sequences You Need to Set Up Right Now

If the title intrigued you, you’re probably ready to get serious about setting up email sequences in your business to save time, increase your profits and improve your productivity… not to mention just give you peace of mind knowing that you’re communications are setup at key touchpoints.

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So, let’s dive right in. Here are five powerful email automation sequences that you absolutely need to set up right now.

1. Welcome Email Series

Why It’s Important: Think of this as your first handshake with a new subscriber. You want to make a great impression and set the tone for a long-lasting relationship.

How to Set It Up:

  • Email 1: As soon as someone subscribes, send them a warm welcome. Thank them and give a sneak peek of what’s coming up in your emails.
  • Email 2: A couple of days later, share your brand story. Let them know who you are, why you do what you do, and what they can expect from you.
  • Email 3: Within the week, highlight your key products or services and invite them to follow you on social media.

Pro Tip: Personalize these emails! Use their first name and segment your list so you can send targeted content that resonates with each subscriber.

2. Lead Magnet Delivery

Why It’s Important: Delivering your promised lead magnet quickly and professionally shows you’re reliable and sets up a positive experience right from the start.

How to Set It Up:

  • Email 1: Right after they sign up, send the download link (or access) to your lead magnet and thank them for joining your community.
  • Email 2: A few days later, follow up to make sure they received it and found it useful. Offer additional resources or ask for their feedback.

Pro Tip: Make sure your lead magnet is easy to download and super valuable. Ask a simple question to gather more info about their needs.

3. Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Why It’s Important: This is where you can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. Make them feel appreciated and supported after their purchase.

How to Set It Up:

  • Email 1: Immediately after purchase, send a confirmation and a big thank you. Let them know what’s next.
  • Email 2: After a few days, provide detailed instructions or an onboarding guide for their purchase.
  • Email 3: About a week later, ask for feedback or a testimonial. This shows you care about their experience.
  • Email 4: A few weeks down the line, suggest related products or services they might love.

Pro Tip: Use dynamic content to personalize these emails based on what they bought. Always include customer support info so they know where to go for help.

4. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Why It’s Important: People get distracted or second-guess their purchases. A gentle nudge can bring them back to complete their order.

How to Set It Up:

  • Email 1: A few hours after they abandon their cart, send a reminder of what they left behind.
  • Email 2: The next day, highlight the benefits of the products and include some customer reviews.
  • Email 3: Two days later, offer a discount or another incentive to finalize the purchase.

Pro Tip: Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers. Experiment with different subject lines and sending times to see what works best.

5. Re-Engagement Campaign

Why It’s Important: Keeping your email list engaged is crucial. This sequence helps you reconnect with subscribers who have gone silent.

How to Set It Up:

  • Email 1: Send a “We miss you” email, highlighting what they’ve missed since they last engaged.
  • Email 2: A week later, offer a special discount or some exclusive content to entice them back.
  • Email 3: Ask for feedback on why they haven’t been engaging and how you can improve.

Pro Tip: Keep the tone positive and appreciative. Segment inactive subscribers based on how long they’ve been inactive and tailor your messages accordingly.

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To Sum It All Up… 

Setting up these email automation sequences can be a game-changer for your business. You’ll save time, build stronger relationships with your customers, and increase sales. Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, drop a comment below or shoot me an email (hello@tiffanypatterson.com). And don’t forget to watch the video above for even more insights.

Stay tuned for more tips on automation, delegation, and digital product creation! 

Wishing You Productivity, Profit & Peace of Mind, 

Tiffany Patterson
Founder, Systems and Sanity
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